Always Remember Yog’s Law

June 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Because I’ve got some writing to do, I’m being lazy and reblogging this instead of writing up something of my own. The important thing is, always remember Yog’s Law. (Also, it’s “toward,” not “towards.”)

The Struggling Writer

I came across this bit of advice via Neil Gaiman’s tumblr and had to share. Because sometimes as writers with the dream of being published, our dream can cloud our better judgement.

Here is the main bit I thought was important you all see:

Yog’s Law:

Money flows towards the writer.

Pretty simple, right?
That’s all. All writers should remember it.

When a commercial publisher contracts a book, it will pay an advance against royalties to the writer. Money flows towards the writer.

Literary agents make their living by charging a commission of between 10 and 20% on the sales that they make on behalf of their clients, the writers. When advances and royalties are paid by a publisher the agent’s percentage is filtered off in the direction of the writer’s agent but the bulk of the money still flows towards the writer.

If a publisher ever asks for…

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