The Power of Enchantment in Storytelling

July 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Emma Coats posted a great video of a talk Bobette Buster gave recently. I can’t embed it here, so click over to Story Shots and watch it there. Buster shares some very powerful insights, and I found the talk incredibly inspiring.

Emma summarized her favorite parts of the video:

One thing she said that blew my mind (cause it’s true): “Cinema is an experience, not a message.”

The video above is more about WHY we tell stories and is full of amazing quotes.

  • Audience wants “to be taken into a world they’d otherwise never get to experience, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary”
  • on sharing your own personal experience, your own dark times: “you can empower and embolden a person – that’s the power of enchantment in storytelling.”
  • “ultimately, all stories are about either someone becoming fully alive or becoming the living dead.”

Watch the rest of the video for 20 minutes of great storytelling thoughts.



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