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Good information and inspiration from Roger Colby.

Writing Is Hard Work

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This week we have some very good information about self-publishing and two stories that are posted here simply for inspirational reasons.  We all need that.  I love these inspirational stories.  Sometimes it’s the only thing I need to get back on the horse and dig the spurs in.

1.  Alan Finder over at the New York Times writes a very informed and insightful article entitled “Ins and Outs of Publishing Your Book via the Web“.  He runs down the current trends in e-publishing and has some very good warnings to share about the industry.

2.  Kobo offers yet another way to publish to ePub and receive 80% profit without any cost to you.  The self-publishing game just seems to get easier and easier to do.

3.  Jeremy Greenfield over at Forbes busts a myth about the high prices of e-books being a damper on sales.  Sell…

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