Need a shorter synonym? Thsrs to the rescue!

October 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Calling all sesquipedalianists! Is your love of long words preventing you from expressing yourself in today’s brachysyllabic social media? Fear not! Help is here in the form of Thsrs!

I just spotted this on GalleyCat and had to share:

As you fill your Tumblr, Facebook page and Twitter feed every day, the new Thsrs tool will help you locate a shorter synonym and lower your character count on these short-form platforms.

We’ve embedded a screenshot of the simple interface above–do you think this modified thesaurus will help or hurt your writing? While shorter words can keep your Twitter feed balanced, it could end up influencing your long-form style too.

AllTwitter approved of the tool: “Say, using the example above, I chose ‘wasteful’ instead of ‘extravagant’ when describing some celebrity’s spending habits. That change would save me three characters – not a ton by itself, but do this a few times in an overly-long tweet and you’ll be able to fit even the most complex thoughts in 140 characters or less. With this little tool, you don’t have to commit grammar suicide, nor change the meaning of your tweets. You simply get more spare characters for your efforts.”

No longer will you have to shorten “for” to “4” or “you” to (shudder) “U.” If “l33tsp34k” is like nails on a chalkboard to you, Thsrs may help.

In fact, Thsrs may save us all.


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