Need a character quick? Just click!

November 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

The folks over at GalleyCat shared their 15th NaNoWriMo tip, and it’s definitely worth bookmarking. It’s a site called Fake Name Generator, but it generates much  more than just a  name. As GalleyCat says:

You can quickly sketch a new character from scratch with this handy tool. The Fake Name Generator will create a name for you, giving you lots of bonus information for fictional characters: birthday, age, profession, height, weight and even blood type.

Some of the details are kind of odd. Why, for example, would I need a character’s full credit card number with expiration date and verification number? I suppose someone might want to put that in their novel, but I’ve never seen it and am not sure why it would be a good bit of detail to include. I would rather have more useful details that it doesn’t include — hair color, eye color, etc.

Regardless, Fake Name Generator is a great tool that will save you from staring off into space for an hour, trying to come up with a character who only appears in one scene. Check it out.



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