WSJ: The Return of the Serial Novel

April 12, 2013 § 2 Comments

Jules Verne, circa 1878

I spotted this article about the new trend toward serial novels over on the Wall Street Journal and thought it worth sharing, since it goes hand in hand with what I talked about in my last post.

St. Martin’s Press has published five serial novels in the past year, ranging from historical fiction to erotic romance, and has three more in the works. Penguin’s digital romance imprint, InterMix, is testing serialized romance and erotica, and has released three titles so far, with several others on the way. The science-fiction and fantasy publisher Tor recently published a science-fiction epic by John Scalzi in 13 weekly episodes.

Click through to read the entire piece. It’s pretty interesting—especially the bit about Amazon.

What comes around goes around, I guess. I’m currently reading Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days (actually, my antique copy is titled A Tour of the World in 80 Days), and when I looked up the history of it, I discovered it had been published as a serial novel, with each chapter going to print in the newspaper on the day the chapter was set. This caused many readers to believe it was a true story, and gained Verne a lot of attention.

I wonder if you could do something similar today. If so, what do you think the story would be about? Could be an interesting writing exercise …


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