“A flesh-spatula that holds things”

July 25, 2013 § Leave a comment

handsThe Onion, that never-ending fount of satire, posted a fantastic piece yesterday titled “Frustrated Novelist No Good At Describing Hands.” It is chock full of fried gold, like the quote I used for the title of this post, or this:

Calling the way he represented the proportions of his characters’ hands “way off,” Milligan said he is especially bad at delineating human fingers, which the writer once portrayed as “flabby pink-tan logs, but a bendy kind of log.”

I do fine with describing hands (in my opinion, anyway), but I have trouble with smiles; I tend to overuse “smile” and “grin,” to the point that it seems like that’s all my characters do.

Is there a body part or expression you have difficulty with? Those goo-filled face orbs, or the bendy part in the middle of arms, perhaps?


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