Writing about Reading: Crisis of Faith & Great White Death: Two Screenplays

August 10, 2013 § Leave a comment

615YeBGUU0L._SX260_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_Full disclosure: As I said in my review of Sherry Spurlock’s Dandelions & Dragons, Sherry is a good friend of mine. But when it comes to reviewing things by people I know, I try to put my personal feelings aside and judge the work strictly on its literary merits.

To that end, here’s how I really, truly, honestly feel about the two screenplays contained within Crisis of Faith & Great White Death: Two Screenplays: I loved them.

“Crisis of Faith” is the story of two angels and the mortal denizens of a coffee shop whom the angels befriend. Alexander is the new arrival on Earth, sent as a “mercy agent” — providing consolation for those who need it at key moments in their lives. Douglas is the veteran, and his time in the mortal realm has made him a bit … well, a bit of a dick. With Douglas as a mentor, Alexander finds himself growing increasingly frustrated with his new job, until he begins to wonder if he was cut out for the work at all.

The thing that impressed me about “Crisis of Faith” was the beautiful moments. There’s humor and great dialogue and tension, but there are these moments when Alexander is seeing the other side of his job that are just amazing. Particularly as it relates to another character, Dori. The screenplay is funny and sad and beautiful and true, and that is the hallmark of a great story. 

“Great White Death” is a good ol’ zombie movie, with a twist. The stars are a wisecracking band of club employees, trying to get ready to open the bar in the middle of a Level 2 Snow Emergency. But when a helicopter carrying samples of a deadly virus crashes nearby, people start turning into flesh-eating monsters that only a bullet to the brainpan can stop. And they all seem to be heading for the club.

There’s romance and a lot of great witty dialogue, and just a lot of fun in “Great White Death.” It may be funnier for me, because I know what a few things are based on (characters, settings), but even without that context, it’s a good romp in a winter zombieland. If you’re a Shaun of the Dead fan, you’ll like “Great White Death.”



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