The First Draft: The Ugly Duckling

August 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

Ugly02So I’ve read through the first draft. It stinks … but that’s what a first draft is¬†supposed to do. Right?

Okay, so it stinks a little more than I expected it to. Okay, I didn’t expect it really to stink at all. But it does.

The good news is, my writing definitely improved over the course of the book. The better news is, it improved late in the book because I began incorporating changes and new points of view that I’d planned to go back and add to the beginning of the book. That gives me hope that the second draft will be much better.

The best news of all, though, is that I’ve had idea after idea come flooding in as I read the first draft. An epiphany¬†for restructuring the book (goodbye, overcomplicated narrative structure!). Insights into my characters’ backgrounds and motivations. New plots twists and subplots.

Yes, it’s an ugly duckling right now, but I can see that it might be a swan with the right care and feeding.

The next step is to pull the first draft apart and reorganize it, then start rewriting. I’m currently learning to use Scrivener (I wrote the first draft in Word), and I think it will make the process easier. Here’s hoping, anyway!


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