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September 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

My Gonzo DaysI’m still working my way through the first rewrite, which is mostly cosmetic: correcting typos, fixing little things here and there, and only occasionally rewriting entire scenes. I haven’t begun the heavy lifting yet (I’m calling that the second rewrite), but I keep thinking about ways to change the structure, ideas for characters’ backgrounds, etc. Most days, I maintain a high level of enthusiasm and optimism for what this book can be. Most days.

The process of porting the book from Word to Scrivener wasn’t as painless as it probably could have been. Supposedly, Scrivener can import a Word doc and automatically split it into chapters and sections. In order for that feature to work, however, each section must be separated from its predecessor by a hash mark (i.e., #). I used three asterisks, so it didn’t work. I ended up copying and pasting a section at a time, but I’ll know better next time. (And yes, I could have done a search/replace, but I didn’t think of it at the time. D’oh!)

Since I’m fully invested in using Scrivener now, I started following them on Facebook (on my friend Paula’s recommendation). They regularly share posts by others that have Scrivener tips, plus things like this article, “Beyond Microsoft Word: Write Better and Save Money with These Writing & Publishing Tools.” Which mentions Scrivener, but also has some cool other tools I wasn’t aware of. I’m sharing it in case you’ve never heard of them, but also (mainly) so I can find them again. 

(Yes, I could just bookmark it in my browser, but apparently I’m a link hoarder, as evidenced by this screenshot:

bookmark hoard

Click to see the horror at full size. This are just the pages I’ve bookmarked as reference for the book. There are many other tabs just like this one. And yes, I put an image inside a parenthetical, because I am an EDGY and BOLD blogger, and also a LAZY blogger.)

Okay, back to work. Happy Labor Day, everyone!


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