Morning Blag: Nerds

April 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

My nephews, Mark and James, regularly compete in these LeMons races as Bad Decisions Racing. Their team number is 666, and they’ve been racing a Pontiac Trans Sport (yes, the minivan) lately. In a recent race, they went with a Star Trek theme; in the photo below, they’re the two redshirts on right.

(To be utterly pedantic, the van is not costumed as the Enterprise, as stated in the article, but rather as a shuttlecraft from the Enterprise—specifically, the Galileo from the original series episode, “The Galileo Seven.” Shut up, I’m a nerd, I know.)

The article has links to some other photos of the van’s “costumes,” including an Imperial shuttle from Star Wars, and Princess Vespa’s ship from Spaceballs. And yes, my nephews were in the appropriate costumes for those, too.

My niece Carolyn (their sister) doesn’t race, but she’s a nerd, too. As evidence: She once came to Christmas dinner at my house wearing a homemade Starblazers uniform. Clearly, the Nerd Fu in my brother’s family is strong.

Which makes total sense, when you consider that my brother Greg was the one who took me to see Star Wars a long time ago in a theater far, far away. I had been reading science fiction and watching Star Trek reruns for a few years at that point, but seeing that massive Star Destroyer come crawling over my head in opening of the movie flipped the switch in my brain from Casual Fan to Obsessed Nerd. (Much, much later, seeing Malcolm Reynolds kick Crow through an engine gave me that feeling all over again, which is why I’m now an Obsessed Browncoat.)

So seeing my nephews racing a tricked-out Star Trek van while dressed as redshirts?

I couldn’t be prouder.



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