Before Coffee: Headache

April 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

I get these headaches some mornings. I wake up with them, like I did this morning. Starts at the base of my skull and squeezes my brain until my eyes ache. I guess I sleep wrong some nights and pinch something in my neck. I dunno. Point being, this will be short, because I can’t simultaneously type and numb my brain with an old-school ice pack (the kind you see in clip art and stock photos labeled “hangover,” or in movies from the 50s; yes, they still sell them).

I tried, it fell, and I scared the cat off my lap and almost broke my keyboard. Lesson learned.

The temptation existed to skip it this morning, but I’m only three mornings in and that’s a little too soon to admit defeat. And I finally hit on a title I like: Before Coffee. Which isn’t technically true, because I’m usually drinking my first cup as I write these, but “While I’m Drinking My First Cup” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

So, Before Coffee.

And now I’m off to put my brain into cryofreeze until it learns its lesson and stops trying to make my eyeballs pop out.




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