Before Coffee: The Mist

April 28, 2016 § 3 Comments

It’s foggy here today. The world disappears after a 100 yards and there’s nothing but gray. And, of course, monsters.

I used to love foggy days like this. I still do, but now they remind me of the most terrifying movie experience I’ve ever had.

Yep, The Mist.

The thing is, it wasn’t the monsters and the “gotcha!” moments that freaked me out. I can handle monsters. No, what got my heart pounding so hard I thought I was having a heart attack right there in the goddamn theater was her:


That scene in particular, actually. The heroes have decided they’ve had enough of crazy Miss Wrath of God, and they try to sneak out while everyone is sleeping. But she and her zealots are waiting for them.

For me, she was the monster. She terrified me more than any of the giant crab things, the tentacles that tore men apart, the spider things in the gift shop—all of it. And the reason why is in the faces in the photo above. Especially the look from the soccer mom in the blue sweater and the dead eyes of Jim. All empathy gone, driven out of them by fear, stoked by a crazy woman in a shawl. A crazy woman they all looked down on at the beginning of the film, when the sun was shining and everything was fine. A crazy woman no one took seriously until the shit hit the fan.

I really wanted to see what these people did when the mist moved out and the monsters were gone and the sun was back in a blue sky. Did they realize what they’d become? How did they live with themselves afterward? Did they steep themselves in denial, or did a part of their humanity die forever?

Dammit, another story to add to the queue.

Anyway, be careful out there. There’s monsters in the mist, and they look like you and me.



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