Before Coffee: Little Cat Feet

May 11, 2016 § 1 Comment

It’s foggy again this morning. We all know how I feel about that.

Carl Sandburg wrote possibly the best description of fog. I don’t know much about Sandburg’s life, but I’m guessing he was a cat person.

It’s a safe bet; most writers are cat people. (That’s lowercase cat people, not intial caps Cat People. Although that would be kind of neat.)

I’m definitely a cat person. My wife Tracy jokes that I love one of our cats more than I love her. At least, I think she’s joking. For the record, my heart’s hierarchy is Tracy, Boston (the name of our little black cat, not the city), and Holmes (our fat tuxedo cat, not the detective).

Tracy wins by a wide margin, but I do tend to give Boston an inordinate amount of attention. For one thing, he’s my writing partner. For another, he’s small and easily frightened; the rustle of a plastic shopping bag will send him fleeing from the room. Something in me wants to show him everything’s okay; I want to make him feel safe. To be brutally honest, I think it’s because I need evidence that my continued existence improves at least one life on this miserable planet. So yeah, I dote on Boston.

I love Holmes too, don’t get me wrong. He’s our problem child; in fact, he was just at the vet last night. But he’s braver, more independent, and therefore more standoffish than Boston. Holmes will sit on my lap if I come to him, or if he suspects Boston might want to sit on my lap in the near future. He’ll also come paw at my leg when he’s hungry. For the rest of the time, though, he’s content to find a quiet, human-free couch and sleep.

There’s also an outdoor cat, Lily, that my neighbor and I feed. She belonged to another neighbor who died, so we take care of her.

Dogs are cool, too. I love playing with other people’s dogs. There may have been a party or two where I’ve spent more time with the dog than with the humans.

But I’m a cat person. Our cats, other people’s cats, stray cats, cats on the internet, Grumpy Cat. Want to be friends? This:

Shut up, I like cats.





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