Before Coffee: Browncoats

May 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

Facebook reminds me that 6 years ago, I was in Dublin and getting ready to meet a guy from Finland who lived in Dublin and would later move to Germany. My wife and I were in Dublin on our honeymoon. Juha had moved there from Finland for work. If I remember right, he met his wife Betti in Dublin; she was from Germany.

I met him through the internet, because he’s a Browncoat. I met my wife because she’s a Browncoat, too.

Browncoat: (n) a diehard fan of Firefly, a sci-fi TV show canceled too soon.

I’ve met a lot of folks from around the world because of Firefly; the Browncoat army is global. Jen and Kath, from Australia. Derek and Chik, from Canada. Dev, from the UK. Juha, from Finland/Ireland. A few others, I think, but my memory is failing me, as it often does.

I’ve also met a ton of Browncoats from all over America: California, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, and, again, other places my traitorous brain can’t recall.

And those are just the ones I’ve met in person. If I started counting up everyone I talk to and where they’re from around the world, I’d be here all day.

Many of the Browncoats have become close friends.  A few more keep in touch with now and then. Fewer still have become like family.

It still boggles me a bit to realize how many friends I have because of a TV show—on top of the many awesome friends I’ve gained through the “normal” channels. I feel like I owe a life debt to Joss Whedon for that.

Because when you need to do the impossible, you need Browncoats at your back to make you mighty.


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