Before Coffee: Three-Demon Day

May 19, 2016 § Leave a comment

They say you shouldn’t eat lunch at your desk, because an angel dives into Hell every time you do, and she grabs a hunk of your soul in her claws as she screams past. Or something.

I guess Lucifer’s going to gain three new demons today; I ate breakfast at work, and I’m planning to eat lunch and dinner at my desk, too. Oops.

Normally, I only eat lunch at my desk. On Thursdays, a group of us play D&D after work, so it’s just easier to eat dinner there on those days, too. Today’s three-demon day happened because of a failure in proper prior planning, resulting in my grabbing two packets of instant oatmeal as I rushed out the door.

(Lunch will be a veggie burger on potato bread, with plastic cheese. Dinner, the leftover half of a quesadilla made with fake chicken that is actually flavored chunks of fungus—but it tastes better than it sounds.)

Whenever I see the opening scene of Blade Runner, slowly zooming in on the massive ziggurat that is the Tyrell Corporation’s HQ, I think that’s where we’re heading as a society. Soon, we’ll all be working, living, playing, and shopping inside a corporate-owned biosphere. We’ll all be eating all our meals at work, because we’ll never leave it. And we’ll never want to.

Where Blade Runner hints at it, Paolo Bacigalupi maps it out. Just pick up his brilliant novel, The Water Knife, in which he describes arcologies where the wealthy work and live and play, and all the detritus of their activities is recycled. Outside, the world dries up and dies, but inside, it’s paradise.

Be nice to your coworkers; soon, you’ll be living with them.

And pity the angels.

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