Before Coffee: The Beast and Norsefire

June 27, 2016 § Leave a comment

It occurred to me yesterday that American politics looks an awful lot like the Warren Ellis series of graphic novels, Transmetropolitan, while England seems to be marching toward the future Alan Moore laid out in V for Vendetta.

We have The Beast, they have Norsefire.

I’ve never met Ellis nor Moore, but I’m nevertheless fairly confident in saying that neither man intended their work to be a blueprint for the fucking future. 

But here we are, on the cusp. The US will flip the coin in November; the UK already lost their toss, and are calling for a do-over. In both countries, racist shitbags have already come crawling out of the sewers to vomit their hate on passers by.

I’d apologize for talking about politics, but it’s hard to watch two once-proud beacons of freedom become the mob torches of ignorance and fear. 

Growing up, I was taught America was a “melting pot” of races and cultures from around the world. And that was what made America strong and unique. We took in the wretched refuse of foreign shores, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. They were the ore, and America was the fire, and together we forged a great nation. There were imperfections and mistakes, but we reworked and corrected and progressed.

And then we stopped progressing. We slowly started reversing course. Suddenly, we started to look down on the science and education and intellect that put us on the Moon and led us to many other amazing advancements in technology, in politics, in human rights. 

We started doubting hard evidence like the fossil record, in lieu of ridiculous ideas like the farcically named “intelligent design.” We started believing celebrities’ asinine claims about vaccines instead of trusting doctors and health experts. We listen to talk show hosts claim that 99% of the world’s climate experts are wrong when they say that man is fucking killing the planet we all live on.

In short, we stopped listening to the smart people because we didn’t like what they said. And now we’re so deep in a shitstew, it’s creeping up our nostrils. Some of us are choking on it. 

Others fucking love the smell; it reminds them of home.


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