Before Coffee: Summer Tired

June 30, 2016 § Leave a comment

We’re at the halfway point of our summer vacation, the wife and I. If you recall, I said we planned to do a whole lot of nothing.

If you want to hear the gods laugh, tell them your plans.

We had a nice schedule of fun things on the docket, with nary a chore in sight. Saturday and Sunday went well with the whole doing-nada plan. One small hiccup was that Tracy found a tiny hole in the vinyl liner of the pool, above the water line, so not much of an issue. We decided to pick up a patch kit at the pool store the next day.

We should have realized it was a warning. We did not.

Monday, we planned to see the first of two movies—X-Men: Apocalypse—at the CineBistro near us. (Warcraft was the other movie, by the way. We haven’t gotten to it yet.)

If you’re not familiar, CineBistro has fancy recliners and tray tables and you can order really good food and eat it while you watch. You can even order beer and booze. It’s pretty much everything I wanted in a movie theater since I saw Pulp Fiction and learned you get get a glass of beer in Amsterdam.

We bought out tickets online in advance, then Tracy went to take out the trash … and the garage door jammed in the up position. We tried to unjam it ourselves to no avail, so I called the garage door company while Tracy cancelled the movie tickets.

Of course they couldn’t come out that day. So we attacked the problem again, managed to get the door down (after moving a car outside), and still had time to see the flick. It was a pretty good movie. We got the pool patch on the way home and a ten-foot length of galvanized conduit to be used as a pole for a windmill mole repeller I bought a month ago.

Yes, we actually bought a ten-foot pole.

Tuesday was a wash. Tracy took the cat to the vet for a schedule checkup while I waited for the garage door company. The repairman came, he saw, he conquered … maybe. The door works now, but he couldn’t figure out why it broke in the first place, so it might happen again. We ran some errands that needed running.

Tuesday night, we went to see the “Mystery Science Theater 3000 Reunion Show,” which was really more about RiffTrax than MST3K, but it was still a blast and we had many much-needed laughs.

At some point, we realized we’d double-booked Wednesday. We bought tickets to a Reds game months ago and forgot about them, so we planned our annual zoo trip for yesterday. We were going to reschedule the zoo and go to the game, but the only open days left are Saturday and Monday, and I’m not going anywhere near the zoo on a weekend or a national holiday. I’m not suicidal.

So we tossed the baseball tickets and hit the zoo yesterday. Six hours of near-constant walking and standing. I have only pain below the waist now.

Today, I have a lunch celebration of a friend’s retirement, and then I think we’re going to Kings Island. Tomorrow, we celebrate a friend’s birthday with drinking. Sunday, we are going to a party.

All of which is to say that, as usual, our plans to “do nothing” resulted in us doing most of everything. Except writing. That novel I was going to dust off and take a look at? Haven’t. Maybe tomorrow? Or Friday? Possibly Saturday?

Let’s face it; the odds are long I’ll even glance at it, even if I have the time. This week has wrung me out.

I’m summer tired. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a cure.

summer tired



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