Independence Day

July 4, 2016 § Leave a comment

It’s Independence Day in America, which means we blow shit up to terrify pets, trigger PTSD in combat veterans, and reduce the national allocation of digits and limbs. Because freedom.

Tracy and I went to a shindig last night at our friend Jason’s new house, and his neighbors were setting off bombs every few minutes. Tremendous, house-rattling explosions. Definitely not the Black Cats we used to light in strings when I was a kid; these were commercial-grade munitions. Right. Next. Door.

Before you think I’m some strange curmudgeon who hates fireworks, let me say I love a good professional display. Cincinnati puts on one of the best aerial displays in the nation every Labor Day, and while the crowds it attracts are a little too large for my comfort, I love watching the display on TV.

Idiots with high explosives next door gives me a uncomfortableness, however. I don’t want my day spoiled by some hold-muh-beer’s fingers landing on my patio, or his errant mortar shell setting fire to my house. But that’s just me.

Aside from the amateur bombardiers, the party last night was fantastic. Jason scored a helluva house and filled it with some of the best people I know for a night, and it went a long way toward recharging my soul. I even remember most of it, and there’s only a few things I probably should apologize for. #winning

Today, I break out the Magic Notebook and start constructing a new outline and sketching characters. At minimum, I want them to tell me their secrets and their scars. Once I have that, I can start to figure out how to fix this hot mess.

I may also do some reading. My to-read pile is getting a bit large, and I have another book coming in the mail tomorrow (Becky Chambers’ The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet; if the book is as good as the title, I’m going to really enjoy it).

If you’re wondering why I no longer do my “Writing About Reading” book reviews here, A) thank you for being a reader of this blog long enough to know about them, and B) I moved those to Goodreads. Friend me there, if you want.

Okay, off to the mines. Have a good Fourth. Don’t blow yourself up.


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