Before Coffee: The Problems of the World Are Not in My Department 

July 16, 2016 § Leave a comment

It’s been a weird week. Which is saying something for 2016, the year that seems to have chosen for its motto, “All Is Always Awful.”

I’ve been out of sorts. And by out of sorts, I mean fucking angry. I felt like if I opened this blog and started typing, it would all come vomitting up.

I don’t want that. There are enough angry voices shouting into the void, and so far, it hasn’t accomplished much.

The problem with the world today is that there are too many people posting “thinkpieces” (an odiously Orwellian word) ranting about the problem with the world today. And then saying things like, “We need to ban/legalize/elect/leave X to solve the problem.”

X seldom marks the spot.

The thing is, complex and multifaceted problems require complex, multifaceted solutions. And complex, multifaceted solutions aren’t found by individuals screaming angrily into the void.

Complex, multifaceted solutions are found by rational people discussing the matter, looking at the facts, and taking carefully thought-out action.

Angry shouting en masse has its place, don’t get me wrong. It’s great for drawing attention to a problem. But once the spotlight has pinned the problem in its glare, we need reasoned debate to find a fix.

If I had to pick one thing to point at and say, That’s the problem with the world today, it’s the fact that there is no reasoned debate anymore. At least, not on the level that can solve problems. The governments and political parties of the world are too disfunctional to do anything more than block each other’s progress. 

Looking at the recent changes in the UK and the election year circus in the US, I’m not betting anything will change soon.

Talk about a complex, multifaceted problem.

So I could join the angry choir fanning the inferno with every thinkpiece, or I could just … do my best to chill. Help solve the problems of the world with what little agency I have, and try not to make things worse.

Chances are, we’re all going down in flames. Might as well take that ride smiling.


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