Before Coffee: Weighting

August 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

Good morning. Long time, no see. How have you been?

It’s foggy in Cincinnati today, and we all know how I feel about that. But today it feels appropriate. Things I can’t talk about weigh on my mind, and fog seems like the world pressing us down. This is me, pushing back.

I enjoyed a night out at the Overlook last night, surrounded by some of the very best people this world has to offer. Allowed myself two whiskeys (okay, two doubles, which is not the same as four drinks, don’t try to tell me otherwise). Listened to some funny and poignant Squirrel Stories, one of which was told by my friend Aaron. (His previous story is featured in Episode 9: Drugs That Rhyme With Cocaine.) Felt a beautiful stranger scratch my back.

Talked with friends about Dungeons & Dragons, Fallout 4, Ghostbusters, mongrel cars made up of the cannibalized guts of several cars, the dangers of selling stuff to friends, tattoos, and other wide-ranging topics. Nothing weighty, nothing deep.

Just what I needed.

Tracy, in the meantime, was home making an animal out of trash bags, pool noodles, pillows, and feminine hygiene products. It’s for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, (aka GISHWHES).

Combined, it spiraled into a Lynchian level of surreality: a guy onstage in the lounge from The Shining talking about the time Abraham Lincoln gave him a concussion with a taxidermied giraffe while a panda made out of maxi pads haunted my phone.

The “padna” was in the garage when I arrived home. Staring at me. I went to bed with that image and the stories and the whiskey and the night all swirling around my head.

When I woke, I found a late night text from my lovely friend Anneliese, encouraging me to write more. So you can blame her for this.

The world has lifted its smothering palm. Blue peeks through the covering clouds. The day begins.


The photo below was taken by Maresa Smith and found it’s way to me via a newsletter/website called Death to Stock Photos. If you’re someone who enjoys different photos or needs stock photos that aren’t the usual Getty Images level of crap (and possibly stolen), check out Death to Stock.

(I experimented with using my own photos for these things, but sometimes it’s easier and more interesting to grab something stock. And I’m lazy.)



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