Low Millions

August 16, 2016 § 1 Comment

The best thing about my ancient iPod? It’s sedimentary. Layers of favorite music, played until I burned out on them, lay forgotten under the songs and albums and musicians that came later.

Tonight I dug down to 2004 and found Low Millions again. They put out one album, Ex-Girlfriends, and then disappeared. Which is surprising, given how good they were. A couple of their songs made the charts—which is not a reliable barometer, I know, but still.

Of course, I tunneled right to the sexiest song on their album. Which is saying something, since there’s something sensual about several songs on the album. I mean, it’s called Ex-Girlfriends, after all.

Ex-Girlfriends is one of the few perfect albums in my collection. Not a bad song on it. “Statue” is one of the aforementioned songs that made the charts.

I started searching for Low Millions videos on YouTube so I could share them here. And came across a friend’s Firefly fan videos. Here’s one she did for the song “100 Blouses.”

Note: Low Millions is best played loud on a stereo with really good bass.

Fun fact: Adam Cohen—lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter for Low Millions—is the son of Leonard Cohen. Here’s the song that started this expedition, by the way: “Low Millions.”

Thus ends tonight’s archeological dig through Dave’s music collection. If you’re new to Low Millions, you’re welcome.

(Don’t worry. There are still a few Low Millions songs down there for you to discover on your own. Enjoy the dig.)

low millions


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