Before Coffee: Good Morning

November 2, 2016 § Leave a comment

For the past two mornings, I’ve been up and out the door early enough to watch the sunrise as I drove to the office. Yesterday, clouds dominated the sky, pink and orange and gray. About a mile from the end of my short journey, the sun blazed through a split in a particular dense patch of cloud, like a dazzling russet eye peering through a crack in the firmament.

Today, lavender and peach puffs covered the sky, leaving it clear at the horizon. I watched the sun through the trees, fully risen but still low, following me as I drove. Something Mozart wrote played on the radio; I didn’t catch the title. The air kept just enough of the night’s chill to prevent me from having the car’s windows or top down, but that bright disk of fire was already warming it.

The temperature topped out at 82 F yesterday, a new record for this time of year. Today, it’s supposed to hit 80. Summer doesn’t seem to want to say goodbye, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

There’s still a lot of shit sliding southward. But there’s also more beauty and friendship and love surrounding me than I feel I deserve, and I’m enormously grateful for it.

Every sunrise is a new beginning.

This is what the sky in my corner of the world looked like this morning. (Photo credit: US National Weather Service—Wilmington, Ohio) And ha ha, I wrote this early and went to grab that link, and fell down a Facebook rabbit hole. So it’s well after coffee now, but whatever. Shut up, I’m old and easily distracted.



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