Knives in the Wind

December 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

Good morning from Ice Station GoWatcho, in the frozen hinterlands of Southwest Ohio.

We got our first real snow this morning. I went outside to feed Lily, the neighborhood cat, and all was clear and dry and cold. Ten minutes later, leaving for work, the roofs were white.

Fucking winter, man.

The morning snow fell in microflakes, sticking to the road only in white bands following the paths of storm sewer crossings. It came down in thicker flakes a few minutes ago, and now it’s turning into rain.

The high today will be 37F, which is above freezing and therefore bearable. Thursday’s high, however, is forecast to be 17F. The weather wonks have started slinging the term “polar vortex” around, which is what they like to say because “cold as polar bear shit” isn’t allowed on the airwaves.

I’m wearing sweaters and building fires in the fireplace at night. Burrowing under blankets on the couch and luring kitties onto my lap. Bundling into coats and scarves and thick gloves.

I’m defending against the wind’s cold knives. They nick my flesh, trying to force me back into myself to stare with dull eyes at the sky, hoping for a glimpse of blue amid so much gray. Winter wants me to hide within myself until the spring birds start singing.

I refuse.

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