The Long Night

December 21, 2016 § 1 Comment

Yesterday morning, the sun hopped the horizon and hung in a clear sky, blazingly orange, casting a golden light over the frozen earth. Frost coated gray the tops of the cars in the dealership lot, glittering in the rising light.

Today, the frost returned, but thin clouds veiled the sun’s bright face. The car ahead of me at the first stoplight had icy Rorschach patterns on its bumper. Silver gift wrap, if you’re more of a holiday mind.

It’s the winter solstice today, the longest night. Interestingly, it coincided with a lunar eclipse last night. The days get longer from here. Not warmer, yet, but at least more daylight.

I’m not a fan of the holiday season. The holiday spirit slowly whittled away over the years, and this year burned the last splinters. My dad is too ill for the annual family gathering, so Christmas is effectively canceled. We put up no tree, and our only decorations are some Christmas hand towels my mom gave me a few weeks ago. I hung them in the guest bathroom, because why not.

2016 came at us fierce, all knives and teeth; it’s not done yet. Survive the next week and change, and we’re in the arms of 2017—which already looks like a terrifying beast. I hope it will be kinder to us all. I expect it will not.

Despite all the death and destruction and absolutely awful fucking events of this year, I can’t completely loathe 2016. It took a toll, for sure, but I also managed to pry some wonderful things from its maw.

So here’s the best I can do as a holiday wish for you all: May you survive the next 11 days, and may you scratch out the eyes of the baby New Year, so it cannot find you with its sharp, young claws and eviscerate you.

Happy Holidays.

dark sky


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