Monsoon Spring

May 31, 2017 § Leave a comment

Good morning. I ate breakfast before I left the house. So what if it was doughnuts? Shut up, it’s still a major accomplishment for me.

Last night, I visited with my friend Luna, whom I hadn’t seen in too long, and others I see more often but usually don’t get to have a good conversation with. The group was small and the environs quiet enough that we could all hear each other and have a good chat. I’d almost forgotten how nice that was.

At one point, we were lamenting the monsoon spring we’ve had. Round after round of torrential rain, flash floods, intense storms. The flooded basements that come with it.

Julieanne and Diego, last night’s hosts, had terrible flooding in their basement this spring. Our basement gets water, too, but theirs full-on floods. Inches of water, heavy effort involved to remove it and clean up afterward. It makes the few (okay, 100+) gallons we get seem mild by comparison.

They hang over our heads, though, our leaking basements. We dread every threat of severe weather, and hope the basement stays dry as the storm rages outside. Then the storm passes and we clean up and we wait for the next one, hoping it won’t be as bad.

Some of my flooding was preventable. I’d gotten lax about cleaning the gutters, they clogged with the spring’s detritus, we got water in the basement. Would it have flooded if I’d done the work when I should have? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it wouldn’t have been as bad.

One day, we’ll all be able to get the leaks fixed. Patch the cracks in the foundation. Until then, we do the preventative maintenance, we weather the storms, and we clean up afterward.

Protect the important things and move them to higher ground. Repair what gets damaged, if you can.

Remember that storms pass. Monsoon springs end. The sun comes out and dries up all the rain, and we itsy-bitsy spiders crawl up the spout again.



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