In the Mines

October 11, 2017 § Leave a comment

Getting this in just under the wire, as a reminder for you and for myself. 

Mines run deep and dark, and it only takes one fall for your lamp to break, and you are lost. 

Don’t despair; know the exit is waiting to be found, and keep moving. 

Voices call for you. Maybe they’re your friends’ voices, maybe they’re strangers. But listen, and crawl toward them. 

It may be a long crawl. You may be cut and bleeding and raw. But the voices are calling you back to the surface. 

Follow them into the light. 


Brick by Brick

October 7, 2017 § 2 Comments

I’m seriously considered tearing it all down. Deleting my Facebook account. Nuking Twitter. Flushing old blogs, and maybe this one, too.

Pulling up the drawbridges and building the walls higher.

This year has its boot firmly to the back of my neck, pushing my face deeper into the stinking mud. It will not let up.

It’s time for hermitage. Withdrawal and reclusion, and good luck to you brave souls stuck out in this bastard world.

Be patient. Be kind. But take care of your needs first.

weeping angel

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